Venue: Young Vic
Director: Dritero Kasapi
Set and Costume Design: Rosa Maggiora

Matt Haskins’ stunning lighting design and Rosa Maggiora’s stage design makes for al‐ most cinematic viewing, with varying projections being shown on the shimmering fringe curtain that covers the back wall of the stage, and vintage lamps shining behind the same curtain to add that 70s golden glamour. The lighting masterfully transitions with the en‐ ergy of the piece, maintaining its immediacy without overpowering it.

Saskia CoomberA Younger Theatre

Bold, dramatic lighting from Matt Haskins combines with Dritёro Kasapi’s video projections to mould and change Rosa Maggiora’s deceptively simple designs, making the theatre space feel at once intimate and as huge as an arena stage.

Nigel SmithGood News Liverpool